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Welcome to the cast page! Here you can find out a little bit more about the wonderment team.


Well I never was good at talking about myself but here it goes. I am a co-presenter on the Wonderment Podcast. I enjoy jumping into dark caves (normally with a theme tune) and fighting creepers, skeletons and zombies. I also enjoy playing around with the mods created by the Minecraft community :)


The ever present Wonderment camera man and editor. I am usually the one standing back and observing the carnage of creepers, and I use that as an excuse to avoid the fighting.
I am a builder within Minecraft, and some of my ridiculous structures include football stadiums (soccer for you Americans) and the Wonderment Tower.


I got lured into Wonderment with the promise of Kinder Eggs and Happy Meals. I'm not in every episode as I have a tendency to forget what day it is and when we are recording. You might see me dying and getting revived by Stu a lot. I like cats.


He kept moaning that he wasn't in the cast page. So here he is but as a plus note he does have shoes.



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Who are we?

A channel about 4 idiots who decided to film their Survival Multiplayer efforts in the wonderful game that is MINECRAFT!

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