Wonderment Plays Tekkit

So the Journey for Tekkit begins! The Team are aiming to build the Biggest supermarket we have ever seen! Will they succeed in creating WonderMart?



How to Beat Trev Tenteyecle MoodyMaze Marsh Boss https://t.co/WaocXMPMJk

Lee Plays Yooka Laylee Ep 16 - MoodyMaze Marsh - Pumping Plant: https://t.co/z6gUuy5JuM via @YouTube

RT @OverwatchTXT: Retweet for good luck in your Anniversary loot boxes! https://t.co/Rywp3FdFKn

Who are we?

A channel about 4 idiots who decided to film their Survival Multiplayer efforts in the wonderful game that is MINECRAFT!

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