The Season 1 and 2 Map

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls of all ages! I present to you the Wonderment Season 1 and 2 Map!! - Here

The Season 4 Map

Relive the Adventures of Season 4 - with special guests like $Bill and of course Chez Wonderment - Here


The 2020 Public Server Map

During 2020 we started a Minecraft server where people built Fantastic things. This is the world were you can experience those things for yourself- Here


Season 8 Map

Season 8 was short but we did accomplish more than we had in any other Minecraft season and we even started to build actually things that did sorting - it was a very fun season you can find the map - Here

This map is the property of Wonderment: A Minecraft Podcast and by downloading it you are agreeing to this disclaimer. If you use this map for any online material you have our permission to do so but please do remember to give us credit as we are the original authors of the map.