Who is Wonderment?
Wonderment is made up of four people; Lee (H1pm0n), Stu (Skinnz), Peedy (Weasle6) and Indra (Mustalintu).

How can I contact you?
Email: wondermentmc@gmail.com
Twitter: @WondermentMC
Facebook: www.facebook.com/WondermentMinecraft
YouTube: www.youtube.com/WondermentMC

Where has the public server gone?
Sadly due to lack of funds we have had to close down the public server.

When will the next episode be out?
We all have full time jobs and Stuart and Lee do a fantastic job of editing all of our series footage. This means that we do not have a strict release schedule we release the episodes when they are ready.

Can I be in an episode?

In a word, no. It's hard enough to organise a time that the four of us can film, collect footage and edit etc, so it's almost impossible with more people.

I've made a map/mod, would you be able to play it?
We're always happy to try out new maps and mods! We can't promise that everything will get filmed and made into an episode, but we will definitely give you feedback! Email us your Maps/ Mods and we will check them out.

What recording software do you guys use?
We use Fraps and then edit using Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects.

What texture pack do you use?
For Tekkit it's Sphax, for everything else it's just the default pack.

Why is the show not on iTunes yet?
It takes time for the iTunes feed to update after we release a video, it will be there soon. Only the series get added to iTunes due to an odd copyright rule they have.

Can I download your map or can we have the seed?
Of Course ! You can find the maps in our Download section.